Friday, January 7, 2011

Boy-blog: Plum Wine, Part II

You may remember a few weeks ago, during the Weekend of the Plum, Mr J and his mates got together to put the plum bounty to good use... making booze.   Just as a reminder, this is what the plum wine "mash" looked like when we last saw it.

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Well, the boys have finally broached the keg and tasted the first batch of foraged-plum wine.  Here's some pics...

On further inspection, the plum wine turned out to be a bit sub-par - quote "plummy jammy badness".  So, as a "back up plan", the boys rigged up a homemade still using a pressure cooker and some basic knowledge of chemistry (I would suggest, very basic), thus producing an excellent plum liquor I think tastes a little like a mildly fruity vodka.  It's actually pretty lovely, and my Mum has asked for some, should they ever get around to repeating the plum wine liquor thing.

The only downside - for an awful lot of fruit, they didn't get a whole lot of plum liquor at the end.  Nonetheless, all the boys all left happy from their day of male bonding, content in the knowledge that they had produced and consumed free plum booze.  Did I mention the plums were free?  Satisfying, no?

By comparison, my plum-infused vodka was far simpler to make and has turned out beautifully, with a glorious plum-burgundy tinge to it that is just beautiful.  But, as Mr J has pointed out, where is the fun in easy?!

PS Check out the plum-infused vodka in my next post!

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